The Sexual Devolution

The genesis of the sexual revolution is hard to date. The earliest overt demonstration of sex in the public realm was the creation of Playboy magazine by Hugh Hefner in 1953. Playboy featured pictures of fully naked women (as if you didn’t know that). Then there was Woodstock and the hippie movement of the late 1960s, when women burned their bras and considered “free love” to be a human right that should be celebrated. Soon afterwards, “peep shows” and adult movie theaters popped up around metropolitan areas. But nothing “sexualized” American culture more than online pornography. I have heard that 40 percent of the Internet is pornography. Forty. Percent.

So what has the sexual revolution accomplished for women? How has it improved their lives? Radical feminists will say that the sexual revolution has given women the right to do what men have always done–express their sexuality in public (or in any way they see fit). Whether that is a good thing can be debated ad nauseam.

But here are the negative things that the sexual revolution either directly or indirectly caused or exacerbated:

Unwanted pregnancies

Sexual harassment

Sex trafficking

Failed marriages/relationships due to the use of online pornography

Objectification of women

Warped self-images among young women

I have neither the time nor the inclination to debate if these things would have happened if the sexual revolution had never happened. No one knows. But I also live in the real world. Nearly every day for the past several months there has been a report of sexual harassment against someone in Hollywood–ground zero for the advancement of the sexual revolution. Coincidence? I think not.

Now the liberals are trying to re-draw the boundaries for sexual expression. Their solutions sound like things your conservative grandparents would’ve recommended: Don’t treat women as sexual objects. Respect their intellect. Honor their value.

More men would be doing that today if the so-called “progressives” didn’t think that the world would be better if we could see more naked women.

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