Here We Go…

I am a preacher (of limited ability), a writer (of slightly above average ability), and a thinker (who tends to overthink). I am a conservative Republican who did not–and will not ever–vote for Donald John Trump. If that sentence makes you break out in hives, then this site might not be for you.

I am a lifelong Ohio State sports fan. If you are an SEC homer or a Michigan fanatic or think that anything that happens north of Louisville is an abomination to all that is sacred, you probably won’t enjoy my sports ramblings.

I am particularly fond of Cincinnati Reds baseball, Pearl Jam music, and the Investigation Discovery channel. And I try to be funny, with an emphasis on “try.”

These topics and others will be addressed at the Crafty Lefty. I intend to add something to your day. I want you to think. I want you to enjoy what you read, even if you whole-heartedly disagree with everything you’re reading.  I will do my best to be bring light instead of heat. I will strive to be thoughtful instead of antagonistic. Will I be bold in my claims? As Sarah Palin would say, “You betcha!” But boldness should not be confused with condescension. I will assume you are intelligent. I will assume you have respect for your fellow man. I will assume you enjoy a good discussion of interesting topics.

And by the way, in the interest of full disclosure, I am not entirely left-handed, but I am also not ambidextrous (which means the ability to use both hands to do something). I write and eat with my left hand. I do everything else–throw, kick, golf, what have you–with my right side. So, I am a “crafty lefty”–not unlike Jesse Orosco or Jaime Moyer. If those names mean nothing to you, then stay with me. You might learn something.

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